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Top 5 Signs Your Child Needs Eyeglasses

Posted by Tesha Peel on Wed, Jul 06, 2011 @ 09:06 AM

Mad Scientist resized 600Let's admit it: Remembering all of your own doctor visits is difficult enough these days without having to pencil in additional appointments for your kids. You may think to get that dental visit in when your child's front tooth starts pushing in, but do you remember to schedule an eye exam as well?

The Ladue News recently released an article illustrating the importance of children visiting the eye doctor annually. With kid's vision the "why" is just as important as the "when". With this in mind, the top 5 signs your child may need eyeglasses are ...

  1. Sitting too close to the television. Parents tend to blame poor vision on the fact that their child sat too near the tv, but did you ever think that the reason he or she sits so close is because they cannot see it?
  2. Squinting at the board in school. Teachers have many students to keep an eye on and may not bring this up to a parent for months or years. If your child complains about class, ask them first if they can see the lesson correctly.
  3. You or your spouse wear glasses. Poor vision is highly genetic, so if even one parent required glasses at an early age it is highly likely the child will as well.
  4. Using the "one eye" technique. If you find your child frequently closing one eye and/or turning their head to do chores, read a book, etc., that could be good sign of refractive error.
  5. "What sign?" Be mindful of how often your child says this when you point out an animal or a funny sign from the car. It may not be their attention span that's lacking - it could be their vision.

Clarkson's own Dr. Todd Bellamy reiterates that eye exams are often forgotten because "Kids don't complain about their vision. They have no other point of reference, so they don't know that they're not seeing normally." If you remember these tips, pay close attention to your child's behavior, and partner with your optometrist you can catch vision problems early on.

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